150 Volunteers Clean Up the Ross Dock Picnic Area

WeLoveU Volunteers Remove Trash and Debris from Fort Lee’s Ross Dock Picnic Area

On April 6, 2014, the Ross Dock Picnic Area in Fort Lee, NJ got a makeover when 150 volunteers from the International WeLoveU Foundation came to clean up beneath the George Washington Bridge, by the beaches and all throughout the park. Considering their global Clean WORLD Movement to inspire environmental activism and selfless service across the world, the members came out with a mission to make a difference in their community.

Volunteers could be seen on the outskirts of the Ross Dock Picnic Area picking up cigarette butts, glass bottles, trash and all kinds of debris. From across the George Washington Bridge, a stream of blue shirts could be seen hoeing with rakes and brooms along street corners, sidewalks and pathways. Working in perfect unity and with smiles on their faces, the volunteers assembled in lines to remove bundled leaves and caked dirt along open spaces of the park. And more than 50 volunteers were tiptoeing among the rocky crags of the shorelines gathering heavy metal objects, pipes, old chains, and even an entire engine.

Christina Fehre, a Trail Supervisor from the Palisade Interstate Park Commission, said that the WeLoveU volunteers were able to dispose of trash and liter that had been neglected for the past 20 years. She commented about her experience with the WeLoveU Foundation.

“Just to see the unity, and to hear how their leader inspired them, it inspires me as well to continue to grow and be a stronger leader,” Fehre said.

In fact, this is one of the core missions of WeLoveU; to further inspire and create a world of leaders led by love, following the example of Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah. Despite her position as Chairwoman, she can be found working tirelessly with her own hands until the job is completed. Seeing this labor, the volunteers strive to inspire the world around them carrying out social and child welfare projects, environmental cleanups, disaster relief and much more.

Come the conclusion of the cleanup, more than 50 trash bags had been compiled close to the center of the park where the members stood together over their labor. To those participating, the cleanup was more than an ordinary environmental activity, but rather a way to deliver love and establish unity that is rebuilding communities, and creating friendships beyond nationality, race, and socioeconomic status.

The International WeLoveU Foundation can be found in 53 countries across the globe and looks forward to continuing in efforts to bring peace and love to the global village through the Clean WORLD Movement and other welfare activities.

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